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JD Super boosts tea sales through live streaming

Chinese online supermarket JD Super used live streaming to achieve a 100-per-cent increase in tea sales during a recent tea festival.

JD helps boost bookstore sales in China

E-commerce platform JD has helped boost bookstore sales in China during the coronavirus outbreak.

JD to launch worldwide new products initiative

Chinese e-commerce platform JD plans to help 3000 new products around the world become hot sellers, nurturing more than 1000 new global brands this year.

JD to issue US$212 million in coupons to boost post-coronavirus economy

JD is collaborating with various brands to provide RMB1.5 billion (US$212 million) in promotional coupons to stimulate sales across Mainland China.

Gome flagship store launches on JD

A Gome flagship store has launched on JD, giving the Chinese home appliance retailer access to JD’s more than 360 million active annual customers.

JD E-Space reopens in Chongqing with strict coronavirus precautions

Chinese e-commerce giant JD has reopened its E-Space store in Chongqing, after it was closed as a precaution during the coronavirus outbreak.

JD takes top spot in China’s online appliances market

E-commerce giant JD has taken the lead in China’s online appliances market, according to the China Electronic and Information Industry Development Research Institute.

Supply-chain worries grow as coronavirus crisis continues

Some global retailers have begun reopening stores in Mainland China as the coronavirus crisis continues – but concerns remain over supply chain challenges.

JD and Dada Group to hire 35,000 staff to support SMEs

Chinese online giant JD and its on-demand delivery platform Dada Group, will provide 35,000 jobs during the coronavirus epidemic to minimise its impact on employment.

Alibaba and JD launch logistics solutions to help coronavirus response

Chinese online e-commerce giants Alibaba and JD have both introduced logistics solutions for medical personnel working to arrest the spread of coronavirus in China.

JD’s 7Fresh launches two new concepts in Beijing

E-commerce giant JD.com has opened a 24/7 store chain, 7Fresh Life, in Beijingalong with its first Seven Fun lifestyle space, intended to serve as a “third place” for working professionals.

JD wants its My Pet Profile to transform animal lives across China

JD has launched the “My Pet Profile Initiative” so its customers can receive recommendations for pet products and services.