Furla sales growth slows

Italian handbag label Furla has posted a 5.8 per cent rise in sales for the first half of the year, down from 23.5 per cent growth during the same period last year.

Furla sales growth in Asia has similarly slowed, showing a 27 per cent growth in the Asia-Pacific region as opposed to last year’s 63 per cent increase. Furla recently assumed direct control of retail distribution in the greater China region.

Furla generates 23 per cent of its sales in Japan against 7 per cent in the US. Revenue growth for Japan was 9.5 per cent, while growth for the US market was 24.2 per cent. E-commerce sales are up 24.1 per cent.

Furla’s GM Alberto Camerlengo said: “For us, 2018 is a year of consolidation.” He described the firm’s plans to strengthen its delivery organisation via the adoption of a more advanced IT system as better suited to the company’s increased size.


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