Malaysian mall introduces metal straws for shoppers

Malaysia’s Sunway Malls is introducing metal straws in a move to help eliminate single-use plastic straws from its property.

The decision, made in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the government’s decision to ban plastic straws in the Federal Territories in Malaysia, has introduced metal straws.

Metal straw sunway

Many of Sunway’s tenants are moving forward with alternative straw materials too – biodegradable paper straws are available at some outlets, while others have decided to remove plastic straws altogether and some are also rewarding customers who bring their own straws.

Sunway shoppers who spend RM100 (US$24) in two receipts will be eligible to collect their personal metal straws from the concierge counters of each participating mall.

metal straw Sunway malls

“At Sunway Malls, we are excited to introduce metal straws, which will be available to shoppers with a very minimal spend,” said Sunway Malls COO Kevin Tan. “We were one of the first malls to introduce the Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) campaign in 2017. With metal straws, we hope to instill a greater sense of responsibility and sustainability towards the environment through a conscious effort of reducing daily plastic consumption in our shoppers lives,” he said.

“As a landmark mall in our community, this is part of our continuous effort for the betterment of the future and hope that our shoppers will also see the value in this campaign. A little change goes a long way.”


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