Black Thunder pop-up store solves office chocolate obligation

Yuraku Confectionery has opened a Black Thunder pop-up store in Tokyo, selling chocolate to women for the men they’re not attracted to.

The “obligation chocolate” business goes to the Japanese expectation that women should buy chocolate for male coworkers on Valentine’s Day and to express gratitude at other times of the year, without hinting at romantic attraction. The Black Thunder store is designed to save time for women observing the social nicety.

Black Thunder pop-up 1

Black Thunder pop-up 2

The Black Thunder chocolate range is designed to be low-cost and sufficiently sweet to please recipients, while avoiding any fancy designs that might be mistaken for signs of hidden passion.

The Black Thunder Obligation Chocolate Shop is located in the Tokyo Station Ichibangai underground shopping centre, connected to Tokyo Station, so that women can pick up several boxes or a large pack of individually-wrapped chocolates in one visit. It will remain open until Valentine’s Day.


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