Indonesia’s Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery makes Indian debut

Indonesian coffee chain Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery has launched in Mumbai.

The franchise opens in India in partnership with local franchisee Gobble Me Good, its first international location after opening 13 outlets back home.

The firm is the newest player in India, the world’s 10th fastest-growing coffee market currently valued at ₹2570 crore (US$374 million), according to a recent Euromonitor International report that estimated industry growth at 6.9 per cent a year by 2023.

“Consumers frequenting cafes in India are primarily 18-35 years old, which comprises the country’s primary working force with higher disposable income and fast-paced lives,” said the

Euromonitor report.

Large food companies such as local giant ITC are also making moves in coffee retail to compete with the likes of Nestle and Unilever.


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