First Mott 32 Singapore restaurant opens at Marina Bay Sands

Hong Kong restaurant chain Mott 32 is launching at Marina Bay Sands today in partnership with Maximal Concepts.

After Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul and Vancouver, the opening of Mott 32 Singapore brings the brand’s approach to regional Chinese cuisine to the Lion City.

The restaurant is known for its use of recipes handed down across the generations, prepared using progressive cooking techniques and premium ingredients. 

“At Mott 32, we are dedicated to serving authentic, timeless recipes that pay homage to the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine,” noted Mott 32’s executive chef Chan Wai-Keung. “Our approach to cooking is to retain the essence and original flavours of the dish, while elevating it using quality produce.”

“Singapore has a sophisticated and incredibly talented dining scene,” said Maximal Concepts co-founder Xuan Mu. “The opening of Mott 32 Singapore marks a significant milestone for us, and we hope that it will be well-received amongst Singaporeans.”

“We welcome guests from all around the world to explore the intricacies of Chinese cuisine at Mott 32 Singapore, and look forward to showcase a combination of Mott 32’s iconic dishes and Singapore-exclusive creations,” said Chan.


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