Tea chain Nayuki to expand into Japan, US

Chinese tea chain Nayuki will launch its first stores in Japan and the US this year.

The firm, which operates nearly 400 stores in China and three in Singapore, serves tea blended with fruit, cream cheese and toppings.

“With our commitment to becoming an innovator and purveyor of Chinese tea culture, we hope to deliver our unique and exceptional tea experience to the world,” said Nayuki founder Peng Xin. “To achieve this goal, we have established tea fields where tea is cultivated under strict conditions from cultivation to processing.”

In recent years, China’s traditional tea culture has been revamped by new-style tea franchises backed by large investments. The tea chain Nayuki, valued at RMB6 billion (US$865 million), received a multi-hundred-million RMB injection in Series A plus funding from TianTu Capital in 2018.

In November last year, the company opened its largest shop – Nayuki’s Dream Factory – in Shenzhen, an 11,000sqft retail space offering an immersive in-store experience. Visitors are invited to see, hear and learn about the innovations of Nayuki’s teas while enjoying a menu of handcrafted teas, coffees, cocktails, baked goods, desserts and more exclusive to the store.


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