Fruitas to launch grilled chicken, fresh foods concepts

Philippine food-and-beverage kiosk operator Fruitas Holdings will soon launch two new concepts in addition to their popular fresh-fruit shakes concept.

The first is a store concept under Babot’s Farm brand, while the second represents Fruitas Holdings’ new forway into  the fast-growing grilled chicken market segment.

“Babot’s Farm is a collection of fresh products which Fruitas is excited to serve to Filipino consumers. Our mission is to make fresh products easily accessible to Filipinos, thus bringing the farm closer to them,” said FHI president and CEO Lester Yu.

Babot’s Farm will initially have three verticals of fresh products in its own portfolio,

including the company’s buko beverage line, a new soy range under Soy & Bean, featuring products from its recent acquisition, The Tofu Store, and fresh dairy. 

Soy & Bean’s soy-based products will initially include fresh soy milk, tofu, taho, and soy-based ice cream.

Grilled chicken move

Meanwhile Fruitas’ grilled-chicken business will be offered through its existing kiosk network along with new solus stores to be opened in strategic locations. The firm will leverage off its recently acquired Heat Stroke Grill and Kuxina Ihaw na.

Yu said the company is excited with its impending entry into the chicken business and confident it can do so in a cost-effective manner and develop a “well-loved product”.

Fruitas Holdings started in 2002 from a single Fruitas stall. The company ended last year with 1068 stores across the country.


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