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How 5G will revolutionse retail as a great enabler

Thanks to 5G, mobile communication is about to experience its greatest revolution in the 12 years since Apple invented the smartphone.

Courts Singapore opens first IoT store at Funan mall

Courts Singapore has opened its first Internet of Things store at Funan mall.

Turning data into information in the age of IoT

If you think about what your home was like even just a few years ago, life was very different. Think about what grocery shopping was like. You’d open your fridge door to check out what’s missing, scribble down on a notebook a shopping list of what you need, turn off the aircon and switch on the alarm before you left the house and leave. Now, your smart fridge automatically knows…

JD joins Intel to study IoT in smart retail solutions

Chinese online retail platform JD has launched a joint lab with Intel that will explore the use of IoT in smart retail solutions.

Suning and SAP partner in retail technology research drive

Suning and SAP are partnering to conduct advanced research in AI, the IoT, blockchain and other technologies.

Connected car technology allows JD to deliver to trunks

JD is using connected car technology to allow online purchases to be delivered to the trunks of unattended vehicles.

Caution over IoT payments, Worldpay research shows

Smart home appliances that buy items on behalf of owners have yet to win over support, according to Worldpay research.

Retail IoT connections to more than treble by 2021

Retail IoT connections will rise 350 per cent by 2021 according to new data from Juniper Research.

‘Most retailers’ plan to adopt disruptive technologies

Almost every retailer in a survey on technology adoption said they plan to deploy two or more disruptive technologies to boost competitiveness.

Five-fold boost in connected appliance sales tipped by 2020

Connected appliance sales globally will surge a massive 493 per cent by 2020 according to new research by Euromonitor.

The future of cross-border eCommerce

With eCommerce sales increasing, consumers expect brands to maintain service levles with prompt deliveries and regular updates on their order status.