Adidas opens Beijing concept store

Sports goods brand Adidas has opened a new concept store “Home Court” in China’s capital city.

The four storey “Home Court” sits in Beijing’s Sanlitun area and transforms the brand’s retail space, “celebrating its roots in sports and creating brand desire among its consumers”.

“To stay at the heart of fashion cluster indicates the brand’s efforts to compete with rapidly growing fast-fashion brands and to enhance its access to fashion-loving consumers,” said Hermann Ng, CEO at Shanghai-based consultancy Retail Nation.

Adidas, which has more than 7600 stores in China, plans to further expand its presence in the world’s second largest economy. It says, it plans to open more stores in lower-tier cities while upgrading its existing stores in larger cities.

The expansion plan comes when the sportswear market in China is declining due to slowdown and intensified competition, which have seen domestic players including Li Ning, Anta, Xtep and Peak drop their market share.


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