Shopify bullish about India

E-commerce player Shopify plans to double the number of merchants on its platform in India to 10,000 by 2015.

Shopify sees immense opportunity in India, with more than 5000 merchants already operating on its platform including Fabmart, Madinindia and Insaraf.

To attract more merchants, Shopify offers set-up-support and free consultation on running their online store, in addition to workshops and webinars it launched last year.

It is also expanding its payment and delivery options by collaborating with more payment and logistics firms. It has existing collaborations with payment companies such as PayU India, Direct Pay, Citrus Pay and other major credit cards and logistics firms like Delhivery and Aramex.

It will introduce payment by installments via EMI facility, adding to its payment modes including money order, bank deposits and cash on delivery.

“We are very confident about the growth potential of e-commerce in India, due to a growing middle class and increased penetration of internet and smartphones,” said Harley Finkelstien, chief platform officer at Shopify.

“Our objective here is to help unleash the dormant entrepreneurial talent of India and ensure that they succeed, by providing an easy-to-use, customised, economical and feature rich platform to get started.”