Sainsbury’s China doubling product range

With the success of its trial with Tmall Global, Sainsbury’s China is doubling its product range.

Citing “increasing demand”, the British supermarket retailer is about to release 100 more items, such as tea bags, coffee and pasta.

“Chinese online shoppers are increasingly demanding high-quality international products,” says Sainsbury’s CFO John Rogers.

“Many customers also want to replicate tastes and occasions they have enjoyed or heard about through international travel. Products to make a British breakfast and English afternoon tea have therefore proved hits.”

Sainsbury’s started with Tmall last September, joining such British retailers as Asos, Burberry and fellow grocer Waitrose, which sell products on Alibaba’s Royal Mail online outlet.

Rogers says the trial with Tmall has taught the company much about China’s digital market, including the importance of sales.


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