Alfred Dunhill wins trademark battle against China rival Danhouli

British luxury fashion firm Alfred Dunhill has won a trademark battle in China against rival menswear brand Danhuoli.

The ruling awarded Dunhill RMB10 million (US$1.47 million) for trademark infringement and unfair competition practice, a figure considerably larger than is commonly issued in such cases.

Alfred Dunhill CEO Andrew Maag said the ruling demonstrates Alfred Dunhill Ltd’s “unequivocal resolve in tackling infringement of our IP rights in China and globally”.

“Our system of IP management and enforcement is second to none. With the support of Rouse and Lusheng Law Firm, we’ve secured a fair and proportionate ruling.”

Danhuoli had previously operated a shadow company in Hong Kong called “Dunhill Group” until being shut down by Alfred Dunhill. Danhouli has continued to trade on the mainland with more than 200 stores throughout China.

Luke Minford, global CEO of IP consultancy Rouse, said the win for Alfred Dunhill is just reward for all their hard work protecting their brand in China.

“The decision should reinforce to other brand owners that China is finally getting serious about protecting foreign brands.”


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