Central Phuket opens luxury zone

Thai property developer and the operator of Central Phuket shopping centre, CPN, has celebrated a new luxury zone with the launch of a range of world-class brands.

The company says the new stores are being introduced in line with “the rapid growth and high demand of the affluent world tourist market in support of Thailand’s tourism industry’s move to elevate Phuket city as a global beach lifestyle destination comparable to the French Riviera, Miami, and Hawaii”.

“As a global player, we aim to elevate Central Phuket to become one of the most complete travel destinations in the world,” said CPN deputy CEO Wallaya Chirathivat. “Central Phuket has the concept of ‘The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination’ in the form of a ‘Beach Lifestyle’, which perfectly matches with Phuket as a beach city comparable to the world’s greatest beach cities. We truly appreciate that the global luxury brands have placed trust and confidence in our project as the first luxury mall located outside Bangkok, Thailand.”

To mark the occasion, Central Phuket held a grand celebration entitled “The Unveiling of the New World of Luxury” highlighting the prestigious “Universe of Sirivannavari: The First View from Paris to Phuket” exhibition. HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana allowed the exhibition to be held for the first time in Thailand at Central Phuket Floresta from April 28 to May 26.


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