JJJ Superstore opens at M3 Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur

Bok Marketing will open its fourth preloved goods superstore Jalan Jalan Japan (JJJ Superstore) at M3 Shopping Mall in Gombak Kuala Lumpur.

The phrase “Jalan Jalan” in the name means “going for a walk” in Malay.

All goods sold in the store are “preloved” and imported from Japan. Items are sold under three categories: “Preloved in Japan” (indicating good quality); “Hargagiler” (meaning “crazy low price”); and “Large Stock” (indicating “treasure hunting” shopping).

Bok is a subsidiary of Bookoff, which operates more than 800 preloved goods stores in Japan – purchasing more than 400 million items from customers every year for resale.

Each JJJ Superstore stocks around 200,000 SKU under a wide range of categories, including its latest range of traditional Japanese kimonos.

The firm plans to open JJJ Superstores all over Malaysia.


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