Mama’s Choice launches in Indonesia

Halal-certified parenting-product firm Mama’s Choice has launched in Indonesia.

The business has been founded by a group of young mothers along with parenting influencer Rahne Putri, teaming up with former Lazada Indonesia Co-CEO Duri Granziol. It was launched in response to the group’s noting a lack of safe, Halal and natural personal care products at a price point that is affordable to the average young family. 

“We launched Mama’s Choice because we feel there is a lack of options for expecting and new mothers for safe and affordable care products,” said Mama’s Choice CEO Duri Granziol. “Most mums are overwhelmed with all the choices and don’t want to spend their time reading through all the chemicals that are in most household products, which is why it is our mission to source only the best, safest ingredients to ease the minds of mothers and empowering them to focus on the beauty of their growing family.”

According to a statement released by the new firm, Mama’s Choice is “a company that puts the health of mothers and babies first and is committed to provide families access to a safe choice for their daily needs, and honest information. Every product is specially formulated from trusted raw ingredients. Each chosen ingredient has been handpicked from nature, with zero harmful chemicals. All Mama’s Choice products are Halal certified, and are tested in Singapore to be free of toxins, and safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.”

“In every product development, we always involve experts and also pregnant and nursing women,” said Mama’s Choice head of branding Rahne Putri. “Until now, more than 13,000 mothers have been involved. We do this because we want this product to accomodate what mothers need and make them feel safe when using it.”

The Mama’s Choice range of products is available at central department store in Grand Indonesia and via its flagship stores on, Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia. The brand is currently working to raise awareness and educate the parenting community on maternity, pre- and post-natal care. It plans on being available in more markets across Southeast Asia, commencing with Thailand within the next 12 months.


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