Shiseido launches Baum retail brand

Japanese cosmetics label Shiseido has released a new skincare brand, called Baum.

In response to consumers placing greater importance on companies’ and brands’ attitudes toward social responsibility and environmental considerations, Baum focuses on sustainability. It features a range of 27 products to be released on May 30 via Shiseido’s Prestige business category.

The products are formulated to support healthy skin regardless of age or gender, with a focus on three key characteristics found in trees – water storage, growth and environmental defense. The brand is positioning itself as focusing on the “power of trees, gracefully harmonising with environmental changes and living for hundreds of years”. It ascribes to a sense of coexistence with nature that it asserts has been “valued by Japanese people for centuries”.

Production of the Baum range is particularly attentive to sustainability concerns, with use of upcycled wood in product packaging; actively offering to refill products; using bio-based plastics and recycled glass and participating in forest conservation activities – with plans to plant and grow oak trees scheduled to begin next year.


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