South Korean online sales surged during Covid-19

South Korean online sales have surged significantly amid Covid-19 pandemic.

According to CJ OliveNetworks’ study, the South Korean online sales soared 38.9 per cent in March while sales at brick and mortar stores decreased 19 per cent. 

The two most fastest-growing categories were groceries and hygiene products, which rose 84.6 per cent and 66.0 per cent, respectively. The growth in online shopping also expanded to durable goods such as home appliances, books and sports/leisure products, as consumers stayed at home to effect self-distancing.

In contrast, offline retail was heavily impacted by Covid-19, with sales dropping considerably. Offline apparel sales plunged 48.1 per cent. However, fresh food purchases at physical stores increased 10 per cent as more people started cooking at home.


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