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Lolly-Laputan cafe in Dalian is designed for kids

Wutopia Labs is drawing acclaim for its “fairyland” design for Lolly-Laputan cafe in Dalian, China.

Fumihiko Sano Studio creates cedar-lined Dandelion Chocolate cafe in Kyoto

A Dandelion Chocolate boutique has launched in a century-old house in Kyoto, Japan.

Chongqing fashion boutique SND makes the most of monochrome

SND, a womenswear store in Chongqing, features “monochromatic interiors with mirrored surfaces and unusual fur-covered partitions”.

Her in Causeway Bay mixes fashion and food

Her in Causeway Bay serves coffee, cookies and unusual iced coffees to browsing customers, marrying Hilary Tsui’s passion for fashion and gastronomy.

Ultra-performance store Durasport opens at Jewel Changi

Ultra-performance brand Durasport has opened a store at Jewel Changi.

Cuckoo clock inspires Vietnam cafe design by Tropical Space

Design firm Tropical Space has built a coffee shop inspired by a cuckoo clock in Vietnamese seaside city, Danang.

Tiny yet spacious: inside Hangzhou patisserie N2

Pastel pink paired with white surfaces and glass bricks enhance the spaciousness of this tiny patisserie in China, N2.

Zara logo gets the squeeze – but why?

The Zara logo has been squeezed – and it’s hard to find anyone who approves…

Osaka Bake Cheese Tart store wins interior design award

Japanese bakery goods retailer Bake Cheese Tart Abeno Harukas Shop has won Retail Interior of the Year from Dezeen Awards.

Dear So Cute in Chinese Haining features catwalk

Design firm Lukstudio has created a theatrical-style shop and cafe for fashion platform Dear So Cute in Chinese Haining.

Bob’s Select Space in Beijing blends bar and retail store

Bob’s Select Space is the flagship store for liquor retailer Bob’s Wine, aimed at creating a community space in a busy shopping area.

Featured store: Valextra flagship in Chengdu, China

Inside the new Valextra flagship store in China’s Chengdu, designed by Neri&Hu.