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Getting Chinese to ‘buy in’ online

Chinese are estimated to spend around 1 billion hours on the internet each day, making it the world’s largest internet market. Yet relatively little is known about the perceptions or preferences of Chinese consumers when it comes to online shopping. Mike Clemes, New Zealand’s Lincoln University’s senior lecturer in marketing, through his analysis of online shopping in China, found out Chinese consumers viewed factors such as perceived risk (which had the strongest influence) and servi…

Digital trends offer new opportunities

Asia Pacific consumers’ increasingly digital lifestyles are opening up new opportunities for companies and brands to engage. However, companies need a tailored marketing strategy to realise the full potential of the online world, according to a report by ECR Asia Pacific. ECR says companies need to be selective in investing in the right channels and business models. Investment should also be made on mobile commerce, as well as capturing data and analytics to further customise the custome…

China e-commerce trends revealed

The popularity of the Internet in China has changed consumers’ shopping behaviors. Research firm Nielsen says Chinese buy apparel and accessories online more often than items from any other category. According to its report on online shopping behavior of Chinese consumers, 91 per cent of respondents say they have bought apparel or accessories online over the past three months. Not needing to travel to a store, the ease of shopping online and time-saving are the top incentives driving …

Most shoppers dissatisfied online

A study by Rakuten reflects a need for online merchants to enhance customer satisfaction – from pre-purchase to post-purchase. The Internet retailer’s Smart Shopping Survey revealed that 78 per cent of 2000 respondents in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan were dissatisfied with their online shopping experience. And less than a quarter of online shoppers complete their purchases. One of the major factors that prevent these shoppers from completing their purchases are the reliability …

India now the world’s third largest Internet nation

India overtakes Japan, adding 17.6 million users a year.

HK leads APAC in mobile web use

Massive uptake of web browsing on smartphones.

Rakuten acquires PopShops

Japanese Internet giant expands digital marketing assets.

Indian music retailer shuts down

Music World exits music retailing business as sales fall.

Internet driving Indians’ purchase decisions

Report reveals how “digital influence” affects urban consumer spending in India today.

China, South Korea lead world mobile commerce

Over half of internet users in China have made a mobile purchase.

Online retail boom in tiger countries

Shoppers in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are forecast to turn more and more to the web.