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Consumers swamp Luckin Coffee app in wake of controversy

Disgraced Chinese coffee giant Luckin has apologised to customers and promised business as usual following a widely publicised admission that the firm had fabricated sales figures.

Luckin Coffee’s value crashes after it admits falsifying sales data

Chinese chain Luckin Coffee has admitted senior executives exaggerated sales to boost the company’s worth and reputation.

Luckin Coffee moves into the vending-machines market

China’s largest coffee chain Luckin Coffee is moving into the vending machines market, in part funding by a US$821 funding round.

Luckin Coffee overtakes Starbucks in China

Luckin Coffee has now become the largest coffee chain in China, surpassing Starbucks in terms of number of locations.

Luckin Coffee plans expansion into India, Middle East

Chinese coffee chain Luckin wants to expand into India and the Middle East.

Starbucks sales surge despite China challenges

Starbucks sales growth has surpassed expectations with a glowing earnings report released yesterday that revealed strong performance in cafes across the US and China.

China’s Luckin Coffee files for US listing

China’s Luckin Coffee has filed for a US IPO seeking to raise up to US$800 million.

In less than a year, Luckin Coffee already worth $2.2 billion

Fast-growing Chinese cafe chain Luckin Coffee has raised US$200 million in its latest funding round.

Less than a year old, Luckin Coffee value now up to US$2billion

Fast-growing Chinese coffee chain Luckin Coffee is seeking a new round of funding which would value it at US$1.5–2 billion.

Tencent teams with cafe startup Luckin Coffee

Tech giant Tencent Holdings has formed an exclusive partnership with local cafe startup Luckin Coffee.

Starbucks China and Alibaba pact will ‘reshape modern retail’

Starbucks China and Alibaba have announced an alliance that stretches way beyond the latter’s online delivery platform

China’s Luckin Coffee worth $1 billion after just nine months

Nine-month-old Luckin Coffee has raised US$200 million to fund expansion, valuing it at $1 billion.