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Meet the centennials

How to keep up with centennials – the US$30 billion+ opportunity of Southeast Asia.

Embracing showrooming

Over the last few years, showrooming has received a bad rap. This is the practice where a smartphone enabled shopper goes into a physical store to touch and feel the merchandise, gets expert advice, then compares prices on their device, and purchases online elsewhere. The classic example is of a customer visiting a Barnes & Noble book store, checking out the latest novel by Stephen King, asking the associate for his opinion, and then buying it on Amazon. A new generation of retailer…

A remote control for the retail store

In the hands of shoppers, the smartphone is fast becoming a remote control for bricks and mortar retail. It allows customers to interact with a retail environment on their terms in a more relevant and personal way than ever before. Customers (if they are not already) will start to favour retailers (and manufacturers) that are smartphone friendly, switching off from those that are not. From a shopper’s perspective, I want to be able to walk into a store with my smartphone and connect t…

Six key retail trends for 2013

Fighting showrooming, mobile selling and pan-channel retailing amongst the big movers.

Retail trends to watch

Manhattan Associates predicts that more and more bricks-and-mortar retailers will combat showrooming.

Rakuten’s dire prediction

Online sales will surpass those of bricks and mortar stores within five years.

Showrooming on the rise

Chinese and Indians browse goods at store, but buy online, finds a study.