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Advertorial: What’s shaping the future of retail?

The last decade of e-commerce has seen massive advancements in technology. We’ve seen disruptors shake up the retail industry, and consumers continue to drive evolution.

Ihop name change a PR disaster – or was it?

How an Ihop name change turned out to be a hugely successful publicity stunt.

Five tips for using messaging in retail

Messaging in retail is increasingly becoming a tool of choice to reach customers both online and offline.

Trump attacks Amazon on Twitter over tax and jobs

Disorganised US president Donald Trump has launched  an extraordinary attack on Amazon on Twitter.

Line Friends lining up in Times Square

Line Friends characters arrive in the US tomorrow with a store at Times Square in New York City.

Trendwatching analyst talks of a revolution

Acacia Leroy, Singapore-based trend analyst with Trendwatching Asia-Pacific, shared insights at the NRCE conference in Manila.

Digital ad spend rising at record rates

Google and Facebook provide the best return on investment (ROI) from digital ad spend, according to a survey of marketers.

New regulations to cover social media advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) has released a draft of new regulations planned to cover social media advertising on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

eCommerce is gravitating towards social media

Instagram’s bold step into the eCommerce space by introducing a “Shop Now” button, allowing users to make direct purchases follows Facebook and Pinterest, a clear signal that eCommerce is gravitating towards social media.

Origami launches payment service

Origami, a social eCommerce startup for fashion and lifestyle products, is entering the offline payments fold.

Facebook, Twitter to drive online shopping growth

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms will soon be a key driver of online shopping growth.

Making social media work for SMEs

Dr Karen Reddington looks at strategies to make social media work for SMEs.