NTUC FairPrice saves 9 million bags

Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice says customers saved more than 9 million plastic bags last year as the company pursued its green strategy.

FairPrice said it gave out more than S$450,000 in rebates under its FairPrice Green Rewards Scheme last year.

Koh Kok Sin, chairperson of the FairPrice green committee, said securing a sustainable future for Earth is the responsibility of everyone in this generation.

“We continue to upgrade and make our stores as eco-friendly as possible, find ways to raise environmental consciousness among shoppers, and encourage them to Think Green and Shop Green. We are encouraged that our customers recognise the call to care for the Earth, and share our commitment to save plastic bags and take on other sustainable initiatives. We will continue to work together with our stakeholders to build a green and eco-friendly Singapore.”

FairPrice first launched the FairPrice Green Rewards Scheme in 2007 to urge shoppers to use fewer plastic bags. Since then, FairPrice has given out more than $2.3 million in rebates which has resulted in an estimated 46.5 million plastic bags saved. In the same period, FairPrice has seen an increase in plastic bags saved at its stores by about 10 per cent year-on-year; and recorded the highest number of plastic bags saved last year.

FairPrice also supported Earth Hour on March 28 by switching off all non-essential lights at its stores, offices and warehouses, in addition to donating $12,500 to WWF. This is the seventh year that FairPrice has supported WWF’s global Earth Hour initiative.

To conserve energy and to reduce its carbon footprint, FairPrice continues to install eco-friendly features in its stores, as well as switching to energy-saving equipment and lighting in the existing stores.  Currently, 60 stores have already been installed with these green features. Several FairPrice stores have been awarded with BCA Green Mark awards, including FairPrice [email protected] Park and FairPrice [email protected] Wave Mall that have both been awarded with the BCA Green Mark (Platinum) awards. FairPrice’s headquarters located in Benoi, FairPrice Hub, also received the BCA Green Mark (Platinum) award for incorporating extensive green architecture features which promote sustainability and conservation of resources.


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