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Major Thai retailers stop giving out plastic bags

Thai Retailers Association members have stopped providing customers with plastic bags as a ban took effect on January 1.

South Korea to ban single-use plastic bags from sale

South Korea is to ban big-time supermarkets and retailers nationwide from giving out single-use plastic bags in an attempt to conserve natural resources and reduce recyclable waste.

Carrot and stick approach to plastic bag levy

Environmental Protection Department officials are continuing to promote the compulsory plastic bag levy to retailers as part of a carrot and stick approach to enforcement.

Grace over on Hong Kong bag fees

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has warned retailers there will be no more verbal warnings from Friday for not charging plastic bag levies.

NTUC FairPrice saves 9 million bags

Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice says customers saved more than 9 million plastic bags last year as the company pursued its green strategy.