London retailers revel in Chinese influx

Hong Kong retailers wondering where those cashed up, big spending Mainland Chinese tourists have been unzipping their wallets… here is your answer: London.

According to the Retail Gazette, spending by Chinese Visa card holders rose 44.5 per cent in the UK in July – outstripping spending by tourists from France and Australia.

Inbound tourists from China now account for more spending than those from any country except the US which retains top spot.

Retail Gazette reports the growth in Chinese spending was strongest in supermarkets (up 79 per cent) and in high street stores (up 40 per cent).

Shopping accounted for 40 per cent of Chinese tourists’ spending in the UK

“China is one of the fastest growing sources of tourism income for the UK and it looks set to become an important driver of growth for the sector,” said Kevin Jenkins, UK & Ireland MD with Visa Europe.

“Spending on cards has seen a significant boost as Chinese tourists travel to the UK, confident in the use of plastic overseas.

“With shopping a top attraction for Chinese travellers, UK retailers are likely to consider additional ways to appeal specifically to this audience,” Jenkins said.

“Pre-travel marketing, multilingual staff and new product lines in store may be three things we see more of.”


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