Itadakimasu by Parco offering seven restaurants

A cluster of seven Japanese restaurants, Itadakimasu by Parco, will launch in the CBD next month.

Mall management company Parco Singapore will open the cluster in the 100 AM Mall in Tanjong Pagar, with three established restaurants making their Singapore debut.

The move follows similar ventures last year – Nihon Food Street at Millenia Walk, Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria and Japan Foods Garden in a Food Republic food court at Shaw Centre.
Starting from December 1, Itadakimasu by Parco will open in stages on the third level of 100 AM. The 14,000 sqft (1300 sqm) space will have seven restaurants with a combined seating capacity of 467.

Making their Singapore debut will be Japanese restaurants Numazu Uogashizushi, a sushi restaurant that holds coveted auction rights to fish from Numazu Fish Market in Shizuoka; Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin, a hotpot eatery; and Nadai Fujisoba Ni Hachi, a soba noodle chain.

The other restaurants will be Ramen Keisuke Tori King, which serves chicken-based ramen, tonkatsu restaurant Saboten, Yakiniku Heijoen, which specialises in barbecued Japanese beef, and teishoku (set meal) restaurant Yayoi.

Parco Singapore is revitalising the Itadakimasu concept after closing Parco Marina Bay at Millenia Walk in 2014. “Itadakimasu” is Japanese for giving thanks for food.

Director/GM Yoshinori Shimizu says customers were disappointed when the first food zone moved out of Parco Marina Bay. He says Parco plans to open a few more Itadakimasu zones in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Numazu Uogashizushi

The 37-year-old Numazu Uogashizushi sushi restaurant, near Suruga Bay in Shizuoka, obtains its fish directly from Numazu Fish Market. In Singapore, diners will be offered a lunch set comprising 10 pieces of sushi, a piece of maki sushi, salad and crab soup; and the Numazu Port Selection set, comprising eight pieces of sushi with omakase fish and sakura ebi from Suruga Bay.

Other dishes will include alfonsino fish in sweetened soya sauce, and sakura shrimp tempura.
The restaurant’s first overseas outlet, it will have four chefs from Japan. The average price per head will be $20 for lunch and $50 for dinner.

Shabu Shabu Guyu Jin
A selection of wagyu beef will be offered at the Shabu Shabu Guyu Jin shabu shabu buffet restaurant, which started in Tokyo in 1970. With outlets also in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the restaurant uses Australian and Japanese beef.

Highlights will include the chuck-eye roll cut from A5-grade wagyu flown in from Japan., and exclusive to the Singapore outlet will be the wagyu grill bowl.

Prices will be about $30 a person for lunch and $50 for dinner.

Nadai Fujisoba Ni Hachi

Nadai Fujisoba Ni Hachi soba restaurant, which started in Shibuya in Tokyo in 1966, will offer different types of soba made from buckwheat imported from Japan. Its signature dishes will include tempura soba, kamo maze (dried duck) soba and dashimaki tamago (omelette with dashi).
The Singapore outlet will be the first to feature a complete soba line-up including thin soba, tsuke (dipping) soba, maze (dry) soba and thick soba.

Also exclusive to the outlet will be kamo nabe (duck shabu shabu hotpot) with an umami dashi stock made with dried bonito and kaeshi (a mixture of soya sauce, sugar and aged mirin).

The restaurant has four outlets in Taiwan and six in the Philippines, and for Singapore the average dining price will be $15 a person for lunch and $20 for dinner.


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