Union Group taking Daiso to Israel

Japanese “dollar store” chain Daiso is about to enter the Israeli retail market, to be run by the Union Group, the franchise holder for Cos and H&M in Israel and the official importer for Toyota and Lexus.

Founded in 1977, Daiso will be competing in Israel with chains such as Hastock and Max Stock. It is expected to offer 100,000 products at a fixed low price, including designer products and accessories for the home, toys, design aids, work tools, gardening tools, electronic products, auto products, sewing tools and animal accessories. Most are made exclusively for the Japanese chain’s private label.

Daiso has 4900 stores in 26 markets, 3000 of them in Japan. The company’s revenue totalled $4 billion in 2015.

Daiso’s most popular items are batteries and small products for the home.


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