Deliveroo Hong Kong launches tools for restaurants

Online food ordering service Deliveroo Hong Kong has released two new tools to assist its restaurant partners to achieve growth – Restaurant Home and Marketer.

Restaurant Home is an online portal that will provide data and insights on how restaurants’ delivery services perform. Marketer, a key function of Restaurant Home, will enable restaurants to upload and tailor promotions.

The company claims that restaurants it partners with see their revenue increase by up to 30 per cent, and Deliveroo anticipates the newly launched tools will see these figures increase even further.

“Innovation is in our blood, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to support our riders, our partner restaurants, and the hungry people who depend on Deliveroo for a great meal delivered fast,” said Deliveroo Hong Kong GM Brian Lo. “The new tools now available in the Deliveroo arsenal will help our restaurant partners to improve their offerings and drive new efficiencies and profits, in turn benefitting our riders and end customers.”

Insights provided by Restaurant Home include percentage changes of delivered orders over a specified time period, the average time between order acceptance and rider pickup, and the percentage change in prep time over a time period as well as competitors’ average prep time in a local area. The tool also analyses order ratings, showing a line graph of the average customer order rating per day over a time period, as well as how this compares to competitors in a local area.

Deliveroo Hong Kong works with 3500 restaurants, using a team of more than 2000 riders in 16 out of 18 of the city’s districts. In the past six months, Deliveroo has had a 20 per cent growth in riders and an 18 per cent growth in the business as a whole.


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