Chinese Streetwear brand INXX Expands into the US

Chinese streetwear brand INXX is officially launching its US e-commerce site.

“We want to open up to a broader market and develop more forward-looking and global design paths while forming our own symbols,” said co-founder Henry Mao.


Targeting global youth, INXX achieved US$3.5 million in sales on China’s 2018 Single’s Day and is now setting sights on the major fashions of worldwide street trends. By keeping roots in its blended Asian streetwear background, the brand has been able to forge a strong identity while growing into new markets.

INXX made its 2018 debut with a presentation on Vfiles. In its showcase at New York Fashion Week SS19, INXX blended craftsmanship with an underground urban street aesthetic, mixing surreal grungy graphics and a strong focus on design detail to achieve “a look without boundaries”.


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