Seoul mall uses media art to warn passersby of air pollution

Hanwha Galleria is informing Seoul citizens of fine-dust levels by using media art installed on the exterior of its department stores.

If the fine-dust concentration is at “bad” levels, the lighting installed on the exterior of the Galleria Luxury Hall sends out red flashing signals three times before displaying a video consisting mainly of red.

And on days when fine dust is low, images will be composed mainly of green hues.

The initiative is part of Hanwha Galleria’s “Right! Galleria” campaign to encourage a culture of eco-friendly and sustainable consumption.

As part of the Galleria campaign, the company will publicise fine dust levels.


Hanwha Galleria will also give KF94 certified masks to customers who make a purchase on days when fine dust levels are 81μg/m3 or higher.

The masks will be provided 10 times every day when fine dust levels are recorded as “bad.”

Image Credit: Hanwha Galleria / [email protected]


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