China feels the love in Kiehl’s Hainan promotion

New York skincare brand Kiehl’s has held the fifth installment of its global “Kiehl’s Loves Adventure” campaign with a new pop-up in China’s Hainan.

The immersive Kiehl’s Hainan pop-up store, which remained open in Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex during September, incorporated designs by visual artist Simone Massoni that conveyed the essence of the host city and the hearts of travellers, drawing inspiration from the lush greenery and features defining Sanya.

The pop-up was launched with appearances by popular Chinese boy band singer Wang Zi Yi and TV sweetheart Song Yan Fei, who tested the brand’s Calendula range on stage with fans. The store featured an Instagrammable motorbike installation set against a tropical backdrop for posing in the saddle, while a colossal Calendula Toner bottle housing a “Calendulab” presented an interactive experience tunnel for all visitors to explore.

A VR experience at the Kiehl’s Hainan pop up allowed visitors to immerse themselves in a game to hunt down Kiehl’s products in a tropical forest. The traditional Kiehl’s apothecary made an appearance beneath a glider plane.

In an effort to mitigate the impact on climate change caused by carbon created during travel, Kiehl’s is now collaborating with Pur Projcet by investing US$1 from every purchase of the brand’s Ultra Facial Cream 125ml bought before October 31 in an agroforestry program .


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