SK-II to open flagship store in Tokyo

Global skincare brand SK-II is to open a flagship store in Tokyo next month. 

Described as the brand’s first art-inspired store, the flagship at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Ikebukuro in Tokyo will use manga-inspired design language reimagining the ‘legend of SK-II’s makeup ingredient Pitera, to create a uniquely Japanese skincare retail experience.

“Over the years we have partnered with artists to reimagine Pitera Essence through limited-edition designs,” said Sandeep Seth, CEO at Global SK-II. “We wanted to take this to the next level and push the boundaries. 

“As we like to say at SK-II, if it ain’t broken, break it.

“Through our partnership with Carol Lim, Han Ram, Ryan Heffington, [design magazine] Toilet Paper and the creative collective of artists, we were able to merge the worlds of beauty and art to completely reimagine Pitera and engage her with our brand story that was not possible before. We were also excited to partner once again with Matsumoto Kiyoshi to bring a unique shopping experience for our consumers, but this time, through art,” said Seth. “This represents our on-going commitment to not only make the skincare experience pressure-free but also more meaningful with consumers.”

PITERA™ is ‘a Miraculous drop’ by Toilet Paper

Ahead of the Tokyo flagship launch, the brand has introduced SK-II Artist Series: Power of Pitera in Shanghai, in partnership with the same creators. 

Pitera™ is ‘Legendary’ by Ram Han

“We wanted to break the mould of stereotype of how beauty brands should look like and push it to new dimensions,” said Carol Lim. 

PITERA™ is ‘Pat Pat’ by Ryan Heffington

“SK-II Artist Series: Power of Pitera is reflective of the exploration I do in my line of work. You should feel a bit uncomfortable and scared because it means that you are pushing yourself. “SK-II’s approach was very open which excited us. Usually brands come to us with specific ask but SK-II was different. They really allowed us to unleash our creativity and wanted us to reinterpret Pitera and brand through our perspective by doing what we do best.”

The SK-II Artist Series: Power of Pitera in Shanghai will be presented until November 24. 


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