Mars and AI at forefront in bizarre SKP Beijing department store

Chinese department store SKP has launched a futuristic ‘retail experience space’ in South Beijing this month featuring robotic sheep, martians and kinetic penguins.

On one floor, SKP has partnered with eyewear brand Gentle Monster to create a ‘Future Farm’ “inspired by the concept of reality and illusion” where clones of robotic sheep move and breathe in a lifelike manner, according to a company spokesperson. 

“The development of digital science and technology introduces a world where machines take over information and artificial intelligence manipulates human memories,” the spokesperson said, explaining the installation. 

On the first floor Beauty of the Future is a cosmetic retail store themed around the “unprecedented aesthetic trends of Mars”. The Skincare Zone displays objects and plants 1Z0-052 dumps representing the beauty of Mars while the Bar and Salon in the Makeup Zone, features constantly changing content, helping create “an active and engaging cosmetic experience” for customers.

On the second floor’s common area, Xu Zhen’s sculptures and Daniel Rozin’s kinetic penguins interact within an “artificial landscape of the future”. 

A fashion retail store on the second floor examines ‘Martian History’. “Future Martians evolve with new DNA, but nostalgic for earthly origins, they work to rediscover their past. A model of the spacecraft that transported the first settlers to Mars stands at the entrance as a monumental symbol.”

The floor’s spatial design and objects tell the fictitious ‘history’ of Martians’ lives, wars, and power, “evoking tension through the coexistence of past and future”. There are four zones – Women’s, Men’s, Soft Corner and Fashion Accessories – all featuring apparel from leading brands.

The third floor is home to a shoe retailer depicting the theme ‘Mars Rediscovery’. ‘Digitalised humans’ examine their history through past media and relics of ‘the first settlement on Mars’. The shoe space is divided into Contemporary Zone, Designer Zone, Sneaker Zone, and Active Zone. 

Gentle Monster’s 21st global flagship store has opened on the 3rd floor of SKP-S. Its space is themed around “an imagination of a new humankind traveling through a wormhole between Mars and Earth”. 

At the front of the space lies an abnormal digital clock moving at a high speed and showing the remaining length of time people can stay inside the ‘wormhole’. 

“Visitors step into the wormhole experiencing a surreal transition to a new world. When passing the portal, one can witness the trace of energy drawn by the force of the wormhole. The installation of a distorted body and the disfigured furniture articulates the force inside the wormhole that creates the warp in our physical reality,” said the spokesperson.

In the common area of the third floor, visitors step off the escalator to arrive inside a spacecraft where an elderly man sits across a table from an AI, discussing the construction of a new Mars base. “The concept ‘Digital-Analog Future’ permeates all areas of the department store, including public spaces connecting different shops, to provide a consistent holistic world for visitors,” said the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the Mars Cafe, a collaboration by Nudake and Gentle Monster, presents artistic desserts combining fashion and art. Mars Cafe is the first official dessert space where one can experience 12 of Nudake’s edible creations “inspired by the story of a strange portal connecting Mars and Earth”.

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