Burberry launches Google Lens pop-up experience

Burberry has launched a digital flash pop-up experience powered by Google Lens at Ely’s Yard, Brick Lane in London.

Three large Burberry porcelain fawns are displayed inside glass display cases in an industrial-like setting. By scanning one of the glass boxes with the Google Lens app, users are able to see an aerial live feed of themselves on their phone, captured by a camera suspended 35 metres above them. To share the moment, participants can take a screenshot of themselves with the fawns to post on social media.

The experience allows people to capture “unique moments of togetherness” with friends and strangers, exploring humans’ relationship with technology by presenting users with multiple 300-735 dumps perspectives on an image of themselves, said a Burberry spokesperson.

Forming part of Burberry’s festive campaign ‘What is Love’, the pop-up experience was open from December 11 to 15.


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