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Starbucks will accept Bitcoin from next year

Global coffee chain Starbucks is now on track to accept payments in the world’s best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and retail: don’t write off cryptocurrencies just yet

Debate builds over the future of bitcoin and retail.

Cryptocurrency, tokenisation and ‘instant gratification’

Desmond Marshall, a speaker at this month’s Retail’s Cutting Edge, explains how his jewellery retail disruptor is embracing new technology.

Updated agenda released for Retail’s Cutting Edge 2018

E-commerce, bitcoin, startups, logistics and fashion will all feature in Retail’s Cutting Edge 2018 later this month.

Seoul mall stores to accept bitcoin

Goto mall stores to accept bitcoin as payment by shoppers.

Blockchain technology impact stretches way beyond Bitcoin

Blockchain technology has “immense potential to disrupt and transform the world of money, business, and society” in the years ahead.

FamilyMart Taiwan accepts bitcoins

FamilyMart Taiwan says a growing number of customers are paying by bitcoin since it struck a deal with local wallet provider BitoEX. The convenience retailer started accepting the cryptocurrency at its 3000 stores across Taiwan on October 24 and has recorded more than 500 transactions since then. Most customers are using bitcoin to buy coupons dispensed by FamiPort terminals which Taiwanese use to pay for a variety of things including utility bills, cinema tickets, parking fines or train …

Bitcoin debit card makes cryptocurrency more accessible

Coinbase has launched a Bitcoin debit card that enables US users to spend the cryptocurrency anywhere Visa is accepted.

Bitcoin breakthrough

Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten will start to accept bitcoin, initially in the US.

Bitcoin shop to open in Hong Kong

Asia Nexgen Bitcoin Exchange is to open its first offline bitcoin store in Hong Kong. “The biggest issue people have right now is buying bitcoins. So far, people have to put money in and trade it through an online exchange. Now, you can walk into the store, hand over your cash and send the bitcoins to your digital wallet,” Asia Nexgen Bitcoin Exchange CEO Lo Ken-bon told South China Morning Post. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source softwa…

DinoDirect adds payment option

Chinese online retailer makes payment easier with bitcoin.