Cross border eCommerce Archives - Inside Retail Asia distribution costs face blowtorch distribution costs will be driven down after data shows costs twice as high in China as abroad.

Chinese cross-border eCommerce rankings revealed

Surprisingly, Asia does not feature in the top destinations of Chinese cross-border eCommerce during the holiday season.

Cross-border eCommerce ‘set to skyrocket’ in China

Cross-border eCommerce is set to skyrocket in China, according to a new report.

Asia Pacific leads for mobile cross-border shopping

Asia Pacific leads the world in mobile cross-border shopping, according to the third PayPal Annual Global Report.

Call for Hong Kong online shopping to be regulated

The Consumer Council has called for the government to regulate the Hong Kong online shopping industry.

Malaysia, Vietnam buy into

Seven-digit funding has been provided by Vietnam’s NextTech Group of Technopreneurs and Malaysia’s Haspro Holdings for

Asia drives cross-border eCommerce

Singapore online shoppers are more likely than those from any other country to buy offshore.

Chinese cross-border eCommerce has peaked

Chinese cross-border eCommerce has reached a turning point, says new research from Oliver Wyman.

Hong Kong Trust Mark guarantees genuine goods online

A Hong Kong Trust Mark logo launched this week is aimed at reassuring online traders that the products they are buying are genuine.

SingPost eCommerce growth, investment shape results

SingPost eCommerce delivered soaring sales growth – and expenses – in the last quarter.

Paypal now available for iPay88 merchants

Malaysian online payment service iPay88 has entered a cross-border collaboration with PayPal.

China cross-border eCommerce to hit $85b

China cross-border eCommerce will hit $85.76 billion this year, according to new analysis by eMarketer.