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Fashion shoppers seeking brands which reflect their values

Fashion shoppers will choose their preferred brands in the year ahead based on the beliefs and values they seek, not past loyalties. The Samsung Fashion Institute says consumers’ needs will be increasingly fragmented this year and brands are also expected to carry out sophisticated target strategies. The institute noted, in the same context, that the nature of the fashion industry …

South Korea’s outdoor-fashion industry in ‘dire’ state

South Korea’s outdoor-fashion industry is in “dire” condition with brands and retailers “slowly fading into obscurity”.

Subscription services taking off in South Korea

The subscription economy, through which one can periodically receive products or services instead of purchasing them outright, is on the rise.

South Korean cosmetics stores ‘facing a crisis’

South Korean cosmetics stores that have been the drivers of the ‘K-Beauty’ industry for the past 15 years are facing a crisis, exposing their limitations.

South Korea to ban single-use plastic bags from sale

South Korea is to ban big-time supermarkets and retailers nationwide from giving out single-use plastic bags in an attempt to conserve natural resources and reduce recyclable waste.

Starbucks South Korea offers incentives using own cups

Starbucks South Korea says the number of customers bringing their own cups to the store leapt 24 per cent in just one month.

Party supplies sales surge in South Korea

Demand for party supplies from South Korean retailers is soaring as a growing number of people prefer to host end-of-year celebrations at home.

GS25 achieves 10,000-store milestone for Cafe 25 concept

Convenience-store brand GS25 says 10,000 of its outlets now serve coffee products distributed under its house brand Cafe 25.

E-Mart to install electric car charging stations at all stores

Korean hypermarket giant E-Mart plans to install electric car charging stations at all of its outlets nationwide by 2021.

Korean retailers turn to service as wage hike bites

Korean retailers – and consumers – are focusing on value as the effect of the increased minimum wage bites both groups.

Starbucks Korea eyes record sales and profits

Starbucks Korea is expected to exceed a record 100 billion won (US$88.4 million) profit this year.

Chinese driving Korean online industry

Sales by the South Korea online industry rose dramatically in recent months powered by a growing number of Chinese.