Social media store launches in Bangkok

A new “teen to teen” transaction-based virtual retail platform has been launched in Bangkok, allowing teens to create an account for free, advertise and sell products online.

The concept – called Igmart – was launched last night in Bangkok’s Central World shopping centre. The e-commerce venture is the brainchild of Patricia Lim, Woraponte Tanpoonkiat, AB Cofi Cigarilos, Kennth Kasper and Vincent Zhang, who expect it to “revolutionise the world of online merchandise in Asia”.

The website’s selling process is as easy as a simple ‘snap & post’. By allowing potential buyers to share the products on various social media networks, Igmart’s marketplace provides sellers with a wider reach for their products. It targets people buying and selling small quantities of goods, rather than established retailers.

Cigarilos one of the shareholders, says the launch of the website is “an end and a means, both”.

“The end is to create a unique platform where buyers meet sellers, but the means is by involving the youth of the country to do so. Anybody can register on the website and start making money instantly. It is a win-win-win situation for the customers, organizstion and the people looking to genuinely make money online.”

Igmart plans to launch in markets outside of Thailand including Singapore and Indonesia and eventually roll out across Asia.

Behind the app-based platform, the company offers transaction-based and other Internet-based services such as software applications, mobile applications, store owner hosting and solutions, email hosting, and technology-related consultation services on various market places and platforms.

Product categories include electronics, fashion, lifestyle, sport, home and garden, babies and toddlers  and more.



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