First Wolfgang Puck Kitchen in Hong Kong opens at HKIA

The first Wolfgang Puck Kitchen in Hong Kong has opened its doors. 

The founder of popular Hollywood eatery Spago is steadily rolling out a network of fast-casual dining concepts across the US and more recently internationally, with outlets in Singapore and Sydney. 

This month he has opened Wolfgang Puck Kitchen on level 5 of the arrivals hall of Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. A grand opening is planned for October 9. 

The restaurant, in collaboration with Lagardere Travel Retail, features a grab-and-go collection for consuming on the plane, as well as booths and bar seating, serving breakfasts, pizzas, salads, burgers and other fast-casual fare, all influenced by California cuisine.

The Wolfgang Puck Kitchen in Hong Kong will trade daily from 6.30am to 12.30am. 

The Austrian-born chef’s Wolfgang Puck Kitchen brand now has more than 50 outlets, located in airports, casinos, universities and amusement parks. He also owns the high-end steakhouse Cut, has authored multiple books and is a part-time actor.


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    Marie posted on September 27, 2019

    I have recently been one of the random customers of this restaurant. I am a filipino and I noticed there is a number of Filipino employees in this restaurant. I can say the food is fine but I am not after just the food. I want to be treated or observe as much decency as possible by or from anyone in the premises especially while I am having my meal. I cannot resist hearing talks around me, especially if I can understand the language used by your people. I am not sure on the position of these staffs but I think they should be retrained on their customer service manner and work ethics and ettiquetes. One person named Joseph is quite loud and disturbing the way he talks to his colleagues, he bullies others, making gossips with other staff against colleagues, maybe he is in some kind of a managerial position, but that is not an excuse to treat your people lowly. Even to the other customers, he does not practice good character, seems like as long as the order are provided then all is fine, no matter what their behavior is. That is very unacceptable. I suggest you to retrain your staff. Not on how to cook or produce the food you offer but on how to serve the food and how to practice good behavior around your restaurant.

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