JD to issue US$212 million in coupons to boost post-coronavirus economy

JD is collaborating with various brands to provide RMB1.5 billion (US$212 million) in promotional coupons to stimulate sales across Mainland China.

Starting Thursday, the Chinese e-commerce company will start sending out the coupons which cover key online retail categories such as electronics and FMCG. 

The coupons are being issued to stimulate flagging demand caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. The programme aims to support brands and merchants in working towards recovering their former sales and operations levels, and signals a change in tack in the coronavirus recovery period to focus on restoring economic activity.

Since the outbreak, JD has leveraged its supply chain, logistics and technology strengths partnering with a variety of stakeholders to fight against the epidemic. The firm has also launched a series of initiatives to support brands and merchants.


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