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South Korean shoppers set new mobile spending record

South Korean shoppers set a new record for the volume of purchases made through mobile devices during September.

China quick to adopt digital wallets

Nearly half of consumers in China who took part in a new survey shop with digital wallets.

Hong Kong digital wallet take-up lags wider Asia

Hong Kong digital wallet take-up is poor compared to most other countries in Asia Pacific, a new survey shows.

Korea mobile shopping hits new high

South Koreans are spending more online on mobiles than ever before.

Asians love shopping by mobile

Mobile shopping is on the rise in Asia Pacific in step with the growing number of smartphone and tablet users. Reports say smartphones and tablet computers are expected to further fuel the growth of online retail sales in the Asia Pacific to more than $400 billion a year by 2018. According to Euromonitor, smartphone users in Asia Pacific will increase from around 390 million in 2013 to nearly 700 million by 2017. Meanwhile, tablet and other portable computer users will rise to more than 56 mi…

Asia Pacific a trend setter in m-commerce

The growing adoption of smartphones and tablet computers is changing the way Asians shop online, says Hamburg-based researcher Globally, and particularly in Asia Pacific, traffic to retail sites through mobile browsers and apps is intensifying, and the variety of products purchased through mobile has widened. Smartphones currently have a higher penetration globally than tablets, but tablet use is growing at a faster rate. Mobile retail applications are more popular on smartphon…

Rakuten bullish about Thai site

Rakuten’s shopping site in Thailand,, expects sales to jump 81 per cent this year. The company’s optimism is underpinned by the increasing mobile shopping in the country. Mobile shopping transactions now account 51 per cent of Tarad’s total transactions. Tarad was rebranded last year to, with the rebranding to take place in the middle of this year and will see 2000 premium merchants move to the new site. It also partnered with messaging app Line, now a subsidiary co…

Chinese the most frequent m-shoppers

Chinese consumers are now the most avid online and smartphone shoppers in Asia Pacific, according to a new study by MasterCard. Two-thirds of Asia Pacific consumers go online to shop, with nearly 100 per cent of respondents from China indicating they made at least one online purchase in the past three months. South Korean and Australian consumers are also passionate about shopping on the net with 97 per cent and 90 per cent of respondents having made at least one purchase online, respectiv…

Vietnamese embrace mobile shopping

Shopping through mobile devices is growing in Vietnam and is expected to gain more popularity in the coming year. According to the survey conducted by Bizweb Viet Nam, mobile shoppers have fuelled the sales of industries including restaurants, handicrafts and books to grow 71 per cent, 86 per cent and 83 per cent, respectively. Fashion and cosmetics achieved a sales growth of 60 per cent, baby products 50 per cent and technology products 52 per cent. Bizweb director, Tran Trong Tuyen, s…

Chinese mobile shopping grows

Shopping on mobile devices is soaring in China.

Online purchases double in Vietnam

Visa research shows growing trend in online shopping among Vietnamese.

Online shopping – we’re (almost) all doing it

Improved security and multi-device access to online stores leading online and offline sales boom, finds report.