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Hong Kong retailers shutter stores as protest intensity heightens

With public transport being disrupted almost daily for the last week or more, retailers are closing stores not just because of protests but because to ensure the welfare of their staff.

Dairy Farm sales rise in four business divisions

Dairy Farm International has reported like-for-like sales growth in four of its five operating divisions in the first quarter.

Dairy Farm Group CEO says restructure will take five years

Dairy Farm Group has warned shareholders that its restructure will take five years to complete.

Dairy Farm Group profit takes a hit from restructure

Dairy Farm Group profit fell to just US$92 million last year as the company took charges relating to the restructure of its ailing food business.

Flat quarter for Dairy Farm sales

Dairy Farm sales were described as “flat” in the third quarter to September 30.

Philippines: the rising star of Asian retailing

Retail analyst examines why the Philippines scores positive in the Asian retailing industry..

Yen strength bites 759 Store profits

Feeling the bite from a stronger yen, Hong Kong snack chain 759 Store will shut down at least 15 outlets this year.

Singapore, Indonesia drag Dairy Farm Group food division

Weak performances in Singapore and Indonesia eroded underlying profits in multinational retailer Dairy Farm Group’s food division last year.

Wellcome Hong Kong fights food safety slur

Wellcome Hong Kong says it has been wrongly accused of selling Chinese fruit linked to a case of Hepatitis.

Taiwanese supermarket chain expands

Taiwanese supermarket chain Pxmart is to open 300 new stores over the next five years. The retailer has recruited the former manager of 7-Eleven, Xu Zhong-ren, as its new CEO to spearhead the expansion. Pxmart has expanded vigorously in previous years, increasing its store count to 700. It has out-performed local chains Wellcome and Matsusei and is putting pressure on other retailers like RT-Mart and Carrefour. RT-Mart said it is not bothered by Pxmart’s planned expansion and recent CEO…

Filipino supermarket chain to expand

Rustan’s to end the year with 15 new stores.