House of BTS pop-up store to open in Seoul

A House of BTS pop-up store will launch in Seoul next week, featuring merchandise from the famous K-pop boy-band. 

According to Big Hit Entertainment, the pop up will occupy an entire three-story building in the Gangnam area, offering fans of the group experiential zones where music videos will be played. Inspired by BTS’s album Map of the Seoul: Persona, House of BTS’s main theme will be pink. 

The BTS pop-up store will be an experiential space providing “a more spectacular customer experience than ever before,” said Big Hit Entertainment in a press statement. “We hope it will become a space that everyone, including fans, can enjoy together.”

The BTS pop-up store will feature exclusive merchandise, along with food and beverages. 

House of BTS will be open from October 18 until January 5.


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