Revenge shopping and getting personal: luxury shopping in China post Covid

Shanghainese women purchasing luxury goods in the post-Covid-19 era are making conscious choices in consumption – with a tendency towards revenge shopping amongst younger buyers.

The insights were revealed in new research by local luxury intelligence agency Gusto Luxe. The firm’s latest report analyses trends in luxury shopping among Shanghai’s women, highlighting several factors with implications for how brands should position and communicate in the market.

“It’s fascinating to understand the deep impact of the pandemic on Chinese luxury consumers, said Gusto Intelligence research director Lee Folland. “It also offers opportunities for brands to further explore how Chinese luxury consumers expect a specific category and brand to engage in this new environment.”

For the survey, Gusto interviewed 20 women in Shanghai aged between 20 and 55 years old via LookLook Mobile Ethnography (a product of Spark Ideas), all qualified luxury buyers who spent a minimum of US$5000 on jewellery within the past year, of which more than $2000 was on a single item.

According to the data, cooking classes, interior decoration, home improvements and fragrances are top of mind among Shanghainese women in the luxury market. The women interviewed indicated a desire for more personalisation on digital platforms, and placed high importance on wellness, beauty and vitality. They have a heightened interest in what brands are doing to minimise environmental and social impacts, and exhibit greater pride in Chinese Brands.

For the time being, travel outside of China is not on the cards with the continuing impact of the pandemic.

“From livestreaming to the future of private events to how to leverage relationships with SAs, this study unveiled great clues into what luxury buyers truly desire, as seismic shifts are occurring in the luxury retail landscape,” said Spark Ideas founder & CEO Malinda Sanna.


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