7-Eleven Smart Convenience Store

Customers of a 7-Eleven convenience store in South Korea can literally go dancing in the aisles…

The new 7-Eleven Smart Convenience Store allows customers to enjoy virtual reality based on IT technologies. On the second floor of its Chinese Embassy store in Seoul’s Myeongdong, 7-Eleven placed six smart tables where customers can enjoy web surfing, gaming and watching Youtube videos in partnership with SK Telecom.

Dance with Hyeri at 7-Eleven’s

Among the six tables, one features virtual reality technology. If a customer pushes a button saying “Together with Hyeri” (a member of K-pop girl group Girl’s Day), he or she will appear on a wide screen in the floor standing together with Hyeri, a spokesmodel for 7-Eleven.

Customers can dance with Hyeri, and even take photos with the idol star. The photos will be forwarded directly to the customer’s smartphone.

Dance with Hyeri at 7-Eleven

Image Credit: Yonhap [email protected]

* This story originally appeared on Koreabizwire.com



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    Zorba posted on July 28, 2015

    Awesome!! Yummy!! Brand new!!

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    chul.kim posted on July 28, 2015

    Its a wonderful place to relax and have a good time. I can have lunch in discounted price. Very very nice.

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