The importance of traceability for inventory management

(Source: Datalogic)

In today’s business world, it’s more important than ever to be able to track your inventory and that’s where traceability comes in. Traceability allows items to be tracked throughout the supply chain, from the moment they’re manufactured to the moment they’re sold. Let’s take a closer look at how traceability works to help businesses keep track of their inventory.

What is traceability and why is it important?

Traceability refers to the ability to track a product or item from its point of origin to its destination. This information can include the date and time of each movement, as well as the location. This can be done with barcodes, which are used to identify and track items, ensuring that the information gathered is accurate and up to date. There are several reasons why traceability is important for businesses. The most obvious is that it allows businesses to improve inventory management, reduce waste, and increase customer satisfaction. With improved inventory management, businesses can ensure that they always have the right amount of stock on hand. This reduces the risk of running out of stock and losing sales. Additionally, by reducing waste, businesses can save money on their production costs. And finally, barcode technology can help businesses build relationships with their customers by providing them with transparency throughout the product’s journey. Now that we know what traceability is and its importance, we will next evaluate how to implement traceability with Datalogic solutions. 

Datalogic provides innovative technology solutions that set a new standard for traceability throughout supply chains. These solutions are highlighted by their image-based code readers, which increase reliability and reduce the system cost of parcel detection even when barcodes are damaged, poorly printed, or hard to detect. Additionally, advances and innovation in mobility technology help enterprises reap benefits for traceability making it easier to thrive in these digital times. Finally, the Mass Flow Detection system eliminates manual measuring, identification, and scanning of non-conveyable items and reduces associated expenses by over 60 per cent. 

Datalogic’s software solutions can help you do this effectively and efficiently. With the right tools in place, you can improve quality control, and eliminate unnecessary recalls.

Implementing traceability can be difficult, but with the right partner, it can be made much easier. Datalogic offers a wide range of solutions to fit any business need and make tracing products and materials easier than ever. With our cutting-edge technology, Datalogic makes it possible to improve supply chain visibility for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of traceability through the deployment of Datalogic solutions  

Traceability is a topic that is becoming more crucial and is evolving into a fundamental requirement for being able to conduct business at all in the future due to increased product liability, rising quality standards, and more complex client requirements. Datalogic technologies give businesses the ability to not only identify faults quickly and methodically but also to prevent errors from occurring within the manufacturing processes, hence enhancing quality. The tagging and identification of products serve as the foundation for traceability while systems for marking and data collection are a crucial part of it. All of these rely on secure solutions that guarantee traceability over the course of the product’s life. Benefits of deploying Datalogic solutions include: 

  • Improved supply chain 
  • Greater transparency 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Reduced cost 
  • Improved quality control 

Deploying Datalogic solutions can help your business improve its bottom line while ensuring confidence in your product’s reliability. For more information, please contact us today. 

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